WPS easy access list

Turns out that easy setup of “push and connect” has a huge flaw. It can be brute forced =( The latest security tool called Reaver says it can take anywhere from 4-10 hours to gain access to your wireless router. To prevent this attack its best to shut off WPS.

I have provided some info below on how to disable this on a few routers. You should be able to use this to find out how to disable yours.
Linksys users might not have the ability to do this. I am thinking a new firmware will be published to resolve this. You might be able to limit the attack by using mac address security but please know real hackers know how to spoof this =)

Update: Here is an updated list of devices. (Note this is not a finalized list -thanks @jagermo)

How to disable WPS on DLink
Login to your router
Click Setup
Click Wireless
Remove the check mark for Enable in the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
Click Save

How to disable WPS on Netgear
Login to your router
Click Advanced Setup
Click Wireless Settings.
Under WPS settings, put a check mark on Disable Router’s PIN box.
Hit Apply button to save settings.

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